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Written by jw   
Sunday, 09 August 2009 19:56

One of our favorite sayings is:   

    Tell me, and I will forget.
     Show me, and I may remember.
     Involve me, and I will understand.

                            Confucius, BC 450

Get Involved - and understand!

There are many opportunities for volunteering, including:

One-Time Volunteering Opportunities

  • Tournament Volunteer for FIRST programs  - details for this season coming soon

Recurring Volunteer opportunities

  • Mentoring teams
  • Tournament Referee or Judge
  • Guest speaker opportunities
  • Participating in planning meetings
  • Hosting scrimmages, workshops, work days and training classes
  • Fund-raising support

Contact: Mark Edelman at marke @ playingatlearning.org

We find that a great model to use with companies is by having support in multiple ways - not just monetary support but getting employees involved as volunteers and/or hosting events.  We look for the
Win - Win - in particular: 

  • Space for events, meetings, workshops, training, scrimmages
  • Volunteers for events and teams
  • Monetary support for events and teams
  • Equipment donations for events and teams
  • Connections to like-minded organizations and people  
  • PR / Media / Grant writing help

Contact: Mark Edelman at marke @ playingatlearning.org

Financial Support 

    General Sponsorship Letters
    Sponsorship Levels

Donations are always encouraged. Monetary donations can be designated for specific Playing@Learning programs. Donations not designated to a specific program will be used to support all of Playing@Learning's programs.

We also have a small store through amazon.com.   All of your purchases through our store provide Playing@Learning with a small referral rebate.

Equipment Donations

We have specific needs for laptop computers for use in schools and in parent and mentor training programs. If you have fairly new (no more than 3 years old) laptops you would be willing to donate, please contact Mark at marke @ playingatlearning.org
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New usfirst.org site PDF Print E-mail
Written by jw   
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 12:50
FIRST has rolled out a new site today - looks great and hopefully folks like the new navigation!  The downside is that it broke many existing links.   I just started fixing links - please email me if you find any more broken links.  Thanks.
Robot Mechanisms and Manipulators... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jill Wilker   
Sunday, 06 June 2010 06:06

Some resources to help new teams...

While the robots discussed in these presentations and resources are focused on the FIRST Robotics Competition, and therefore much larger than a Tetrix / FTC robot, the principles are the same.   The first is a powerpoint presentation that describes various lifting mechanisms.   Another powerpoint presentation goes a bit more into the various mechanisms that can be used to collect and manipulate game pieces.   Additional resources


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Process to Register for NorCal FTC Championship PDF Print E-mail
Written by ftc   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 22:24




There are 3 requirements for each team participating in NorCal FTC Championship.

1. Complete registration form  < - this is needed ASAP for tournament program book

2. Pay

3. Provide at least 1 ADULT volunteer (not the coach) for a "full" tournament day - this can be in 1 all day role or 2 half day roles or similar combination of roles (on Saturday or Sunday).


Check your team's status 

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2012-2103 Championship Team Information Form PDF Print E-mail
Written by ftc   
Saturday, 16 February 2013 09:05

Deadline to submit team information is Wednesday 2/20 at 4pm!


Competing Team List and  Status Table


There is an ONLINE FORM where you will be asked to confirm:


 . Adult Coach information   < - this must be a supervising adult who is present at the tournament.

 . Team information   (team size, home city, sponsors)

 .  Provide details on the team's  availability on Saturday for judging and inspection

 .  Submit your team's Tournament Program book entry. You will submit 1 item for the program book.  


Here are the tournament programs from 20102011 to give you some example entries to see how teams' use this to express their personality.

More Details : the entire area that you have to work with is 3.2” h x 3.8” w                 

This single item can be a picture (jpg, gif, png) or edit the "More Details" RTF link above and save as PDF or Word doc.   The entire space that you have is 3.2" high by 3.8" wide.  


And do not email me this (to jillw or teaminfo or any other email address)  -  please submit only via the form.    



Finally, each team is expected to provide at least 1 ADULT volunteer for the entire tournament day - this can be in 1 all day role or 2 half day roles (Saturday or Sunday) (or 4 quarter day roles - you get the idea).  

Note that a half day is 4 or more hours in one role (ie one person).   A full day shift is 7 or more hours in one role (ie one person).  There are some roles with 2 or 3 hour shifts -  these count only as a "0.25" volunteer.        VOLUNTEER



Problems/questions:  Send email to teaminfo@playingatlearning.org 

Please do not EMAIL your information above - fill out the form as it populates a google drive folder that makes it easier for us to use/share  (and not lose) your information.

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